【Video】Regina Ip: Our LegCo has now returned to order, rationality and functionality. Before the overhaul, there were filibusters, serious disruption and even physical violence.

//What were the old days of the Legco before electoral reform? Why is it better after 2021?//

Convenor of ExCo Non-official Members, The Hon Mrs Regina IP said: "Some of you might recall that Wong Yuk-man(黃毓民)threw a bunch of bananas at Donald Tsang and insulted him, that was the start of disorder in LegCo. And they disrupted LegCo proceedings by adopting extreme filibuster, such as by moving several thousand amendments to the appropriation bill. And then they also try to disrupt Council proceedings, by frequently calling for quorum. The situation turned from bad to worse after 2012, the national education controversy. When the opposition discovered that they could win votes by stirring up hatred against our country, and they became anti-China in every respect. And the opposition came to a head in 2019, when the government introduced the rendition bill, and then they resorted to physical violence, literally physical violence."

She added: "And on 1st July 2019, they vandalized the Legislative Council, and the Legislative Council proceedings were stopped for a few months, you know, parts of our building was actually burnt. And then what happened now? Thanks to the Central Authorities after the enactment of the National Security Law, after in early 2021, when the Central Authorities decided to overhaul our system, to permit more rational and balance participation, to provide more wide ranging representation in the legislature. Our Legislative Council has now returned to order, rationality and functionality, which is very good for the future of Hong Kong."

Full  version of “Seminar on Hong Kong Legislative Council - Then and Now” is available at:https://bit.ly/3If0PS3