【Video】HK lawmaker Nixie Lam: HK urgently needs enhanced National Security Law to protect ourselves

//National security risks are constantly changing.  Why the USA and the UK can change their security laws all the times while Hong Kong is not allowed to do so?//

Hi everyone , I'm Nixie Lam, Legislator of HKSAR and I would like to share some thoughts about our National Security Law. There has been quite some criticism coming from Western politicians especially the Five Eyes Alliance countries , who seem to enjoying the finger pointing game a little too much. But when you take a closer look at how they protect their country using the same, if not even harsher National Security Law. It's almost like a joke and sometimes to me, its quite hard to hold my laugh when looking at them with a poker straight face on TV. The self-proclaimed "beacon of democracy" the USA for instance, are covering everything from intelligence gathering, counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, and even communication protocols to investment reviews. 

Enhancing National Security Law is common sense 

And most importantly, its basically common sense these days to have countries enacting or updating their National Security Law to ensure things are catching up. The UK for instance has revised or enacted their relevant laws at least ten times, including passing the most recent "National Security Act" and similar laws in 2019, 2015, 2011, and 2008. Why?

National risks are changing

Because they are fully aware that national security risks are constantly changing, and we all needs to be prepared at all times.

Only one NSL in 27 years

Ironically, it has been nearly 27 years, and HK has only “ONE” National Security Law, and which, by the way, is only a baby version which covers  succession, subversion, terrorism and collusion. We all have seen the dark days of HK where those self claimed Freedom fighters tarnishing our city with violence . And theres no doubt national security risk are more comprehensive than ever before. 

Protect the livelihood of HK people

We urgently needs to have a set of legislation to protect the livelihood of the many people who choose HK as Home. I hope all those hypocritical politicians can look at themselves in the mirror and tell themselves Enough is enough, let us do what needs to be done. We are only here to protect ourselves.