【VIDEO】【CY's insights】 CY speaks on the advantages of Nansha

What are the advantages of Nansha?

First is its location and transport link. Being the southern-most part of Guangzhou, it is close to Hong Kong. By high-speed train,  the Qingsheng station is 35 minutes away from West Kowloon. And thanks to the co-location inspection arrangement, there is no need for customs, immigration and quarantine procedures at the Nansha end.The 24-km long Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge which is scheduled to open in 18 months will provide a short cut between Shenzhen and Nansha.

Practically if you are a Hong Kong-based business and wish to explore business opportunities in Nansha and beyond, you can send in a manager from Hong Kong to work full-time there without having to require the person to relocate. Your manager can commute daily by train and the taxi ride from Qingsheng station to the Hong Kong-Community area in Nansha takes 5 minutes. At the end of each month the manager asks for reimbursement of travel expenses. It will be about US$1300 a month. And that covered the entire month’s travel expenses between Hong Kong and Nansha. And that’s what it will cost. Or your manager wants to drive? There is an arrangement in place for Hong Kong licenced private vehicles to be driven over the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge into Guangdong without having to have a Guangdong licence plate. Or your manager wants to relocate? A good 3-bedroom apartment in Nansha costs US$400. I repeat US$400 a month. Your manager may be non-Chinese for whom I have proposed a GBA travel card which gives frequent and easier access to Guangdong province.

Second are the preferential tax arrangements.Hong Kong residents as part of the new preferential policies will pay the same tax as if they were working in Hong Kong. Enterprise income tax is as well at a reduced rate of 15% for enterprises in sectors encouraged.

Third is the diverse composition of the economy of Nansha. The sizeable land area 803 sq.km helps. The Toyota joint-venture in Nansha is turning out a million cars a year. The container terminal now handles 17% more containers than Hong Kong. The shipyard is the third largest in China. The cruise terminal has been in operation. Sun Hung Kai Properties is building a large multi-use complex outside the Qingsheng high-speed train station. HSBC is building a global training centre in Nansha. 

HKUST in its first year will have 1000 post-graduate students.Its presence in Nansha brings high-calibre upstream research to Guangdong which is well known worldwide for its commercialisation capabilities. Higher education and research will gravitate towards Nansha. And there is the nonprofit Minxin Hong Kong school in Nansha for 1600 primary and secondary children. Both the school and the university will commence in six weeks’ time and will attract young talents and their families into Nansha from Hong Kong and from other part of the country.

Fourthly, Nansha has a forward-looking, proactive, pro-business and problem-solving leadership. One example is the speed with which the Minxin Hong Kong School was approved, designed, built and equipped all in less than a year.


首先是位置和交通。作為廣州的最南端,它靠近香港,從慶盛高鐵站到香港西九龍高鐵站只需 35 分鐘車程。得益於一地兩檢,從南沙入境無需辦理海關、出入境、檢疫等手續。計畫在 18 個月內通車、全長 24 公里的深中大橋亦將為深圳和南沙之間提供一條捷徑。

如果你是一家以香港為基地的企業,希望在南沙發掘商機,你絕對可以從香港派一名經理到當地全職工作而無需要求該人員長駐南沙。你的經理可以每天乘坐高鐵通勤,從慶盛高鐵站下車後乘坐計程車到南沙的香港社區只需 5 分鐘。每個月底,經理報銷的高鐵和計程車費將是大約是 1300 美元一個月。這就是差旅的成本。或者你的經理想開車?香港牌照的私家車無需持有廣東牌照,即可通過港珠澳大橋進入廣東省的安排進入內地。如果你的經理還是必須入駐當地,南沙一套不錯的三房公寓租金,也只是大概一個月 400 美元。要是你的經理不是中國公民,我建議中的大灣區通行卡,可以讓外籍人士更頻繁、更容易地進入廣東。

二是稅收優惠安排。香港居民,作為新優惠政策的一部分,將與在香港工作一樣,繳納相同的稅款。鼓勵類企業則按 15%的稅率繳納企業所得稅。

三是南沙經濟結構多元化。南沙 803 平方公里的可觀土地面積是一個優勢。位於南沙的豐田合資公每年生產 100 萬輛汽車。集裝箱碼頭現在處理的集裝箱數量已經超過香港17%。而該地的造船基地亦是中國第三大。郵輪母港已投入使用。新鴻基地產也正在慶盛高鐵站外建設大型多功能綜合體。滙豐銀行正在南沙建設全球培訓中心。

廣東向以其科技轉化能力聞名,隨著香港科技大學(廣州)落戶南沙,高等教育需求和研究力量將傾向南沙,港科大(廣州)第一年將有1,000 名研究生,為廣東帶來了高水準的上游研究。南沙還有一所非營利性的民心港人子弟學校,可容納 1600 名中小學生。民心學校和大學都將在六周後開學,並將吸引年輕人才及其家人進住南沙。







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