【Video】Dominic LEE: The decision made by CPA of the UK was like a child play. Their accusations against HK are simply unfounded.

//The UK wants to promote parliamentary democracy? But why didn't they give democracy to HK people when HK was under their rule for 150 years?! //

Legislative Council Member, The Hon Dominic LEE said: The CPA decided to withdraw the invitation on 26 January, citing "deteriorating situation" and "a serious erosion of political plurality and participation in Hong Kong”. In my view, the decision made by the CPA was like a child play, as their invitation was made to us last November and since then there were no major change in our political system. Their accusations about "deteriorating situation" are simply unfounded. If the CPA indeed thinks that the situation in Hong Kong has “deteriorated", why don't they take this opportunity to learn more about our new system through our participation before criticizing? Another one of their seminar's objective, is to promote parliamentary democracy. However, throughout the 150 years of the British governance in Hong Kong, why didn't they adopt their parliamentary system here? And why didn't they give democracy to the people of Hong Kong? 

He added: We condemn the CPA's decision to rescind our invitation to the Westminster Seminar. As western politicians are now more determined than ever to undermine the growth of China, more false accusations are going to be made against our country in the future. Besides the government's effort, we also need more and more people to join us in the quest of telling good Chinese Stories.

Full  version of “Seminar on Hong Kong Legislative Council - Then and Now” is available at:https://bit.ly/3If0PS3